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Barncroft - a room transformed

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Make a note of the reference numbers of this geometric wallpaper and send for samples here

SP182G61 - mist / silver with a  brushed finish  £27.95

contemporary abstract wallpaper teal and silver abstract wallpaper

New to this site, an abstract wallpaper with an unusual motif available in some contemporary colours - £27.95. If you are wallpapering the whole room and would like a contrast paper, do ask for a set of textured paper samples to set off the main design. On the other hand this one could work equally well on all walls!

SP182G63 - light teal blue / grey with a  brushed finish

SP182G64 - heather / grey with a  brushed finish

SP182G62 -  teal green / silver with a  brushed finish

SP182G60 - neutral with a brushed finish

contemporary absract wallpaper dark grey textured wallpaper pale green aqua  textured wallpaper charcoal  textured wallpaper neutral  textured wallpaper silver  textured wallpaper

Love this one!  The  metallic textured finish will add real stylish interest to a contemporary scheme. Just send for a couple of samples for comparison.


neutral metallic textured wallpaper

This design is definitely worth a second look. A high quality paste the wall wallpaper which is washable with good lightfastness.


pale neutral  textured wallpaper

MJG 06012 - £47.95

MJG 06067 - dark grey

MJG 06076 - neutral

MJG 06085 - charcoal

MJG 06012 - pale neutral

MJG 06049 - taupe metallic

MJG 06030 - silver

MJG 06021 - aqua

MJG 06058 - neutral metallic

taupe metallic  textured wallpaper

UR1972 P905 - black flock/metallic   £81.00

UR 1971 P939 - string/sheen

UR 1971 P547 - quartz/sheen   £49.50

(Discontinued - limited stock but still available)

UR 1971 P734 - pale Cambridge blue/sheen

UR1971 P022 - parchment /sheen

UR 1971 P629 - hint of willow/sheen

UR 1971 P725 - midnight blue /sheen   £49.50

An unusual abstract design with an impressive finish…

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

A striking geometric design which works perfectly in a contemporary decor

RRP £49.00

DCOO1BL66 - charcoal/silver metallic

DCOO1BL70 - khaki  metallic

DCOO1BL69 - ruby / gold metallic

DCOO1BL68 - truffle / silver metallic


DCOO1BL67 - turquoise(teal) / bronze metallic

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

graphite curved dots chalk curved dots

An eye catching feature wallpaper which create an optical illusion on your wall!

   FUS 1923P912 - graphite  £47.00

FUS 1923P076 - chalk

A delightful design which would work really well in a number of settings. Well worth a sample.  The co-ordinating plains bring out the subtle pastel colouring adding warmth to your design.  £31.95

SK5114G5003  - very pale pastels

SK5114G5002  - yellow/blue/neutral pastels

SK5114G5007  - neutral pastels

SK5114 plains - £30.95

Do remember we are happy to send you 3 free samples for comparison. Please return if possible.

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

An eye-catching design with a natural stone tiled effect - perfect for that industrial look….


chalk tile wallpaper silver stone tile wallpaper slate blue tile wallpaper

UR1973P547 - silver stone (limited stock)

UR1973P022 - parchment stone

UR1973P109 - sable/bronze stone

UR1973P076 - chalk

UR1973P734 - slate blue stone

UR1973P939 - neutral stone


DC001BL73 - silver/black/off white

DC001BL72 - chocolate/metallic

DC001BL71 - metallic / khaki

DC001BL74 - offwhite/metallic

An eye-catching metallic colour mix on this geometric pattern


Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

DC001BL78 - gold

DC001BL77 - neutral / grey   RRP£49

DC001BL75 - khaki

DC001BL76 -  ruby / gold RRP £49

DC001BL79 - grey / silver

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

 We update this site regularly so please add to your favourites!

           barncroft.wallpaper@gmail.com                     8 Ashleigh Park Teignmouth TQ14 8QY                         Call today 07971 763011  


SK5114G4002 - blue/grey/yellow

     SK5114G4007 - neutral pastels         £31.95

SK5114G4011 - pink/blue pastels

An interesting abstract design with a Scandinavian influence £31.95

We have just launched our new website www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk.

Although there are some rather impressive designs on this page most of the wallpapers shown below are being discontinued in the next 6 months! Find all our new selection of abstract and geometric wallpapers at www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

INF56K04 - neutral sheen   £66.00

INF56K01 - hint of silver

INF56K02 - white

Another delicately designed geometric wallpaper with a small pattern. Do look carefully at the close up image.  With its metallic / sheen background it would sit happily in both a contemporary or more traditional setting. £66.00

SK5114G4010 - rustic red/grey

There are many new dynamic wallpapers on this page of our brand new site www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk