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Barncroft - a room transformed

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Traditional and Classic Wallpaper

Most of the papers seen below will be discontinued in the near future. Do contact us if you see one which is just right for your scheme. Most of our tradition and classic designs are now on our new site -  barncroftwallpaper.co.uk

Classic Wallpaper

chalk sheen classic feature wallpapermetallic classic feature wallpapersilver classic feature wallpaperlimestone sheen classic feature wallpaperheather sheen classic feature wallpaperWall image of sable

NE 1934 P109  - sable  £45.00     

NE 1934 P015 - limestone    £45.00

  NE 1934 P153 - heather

NE 1934 P909 - silver

NE 1934 P076 - chalk  

NE  1934 P573 - pale chardonnay


This next set of papers is ideal for a sophisticated setting - possibly a bedroom - with a touch of class! You really do need to see a small piece of the actual paper to appreciate the subtlety of the design. Available in a good range of contemporary colours.

There is limited stock on this design so do contact us for availability.

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

NE 1934 P390 - seagrass/pale jade

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

white rose feature wallpaper red rose feature wallpaper black and white rose feature wallpaper

Worth a closer looker - an eye-catching good quality flamboyant feature wallpaper with a detailed paint effect texture - some colour ways have metallic touches. RRP £60.00

IC1966 P302 - ruby

IC1966 P021 - pearl

IC1966 P905 onyx/silver

Rose Wallpaper


floral feature wallpaper wall image floral feature wallpaper blue and white classical flower feature wallpaper classical flower feature wallpaper

 NEO 1936 P690                                       

NEO 1936 P153  heather                                              

NEO 1936 P076 - chalk             £50.00             

NEO 1936 P109 -  sable                                              

We just love this next design - a traditional floral wallpaper design with that contemporary twist!

RRP £50.00

   NEO 1936 P015 - limestone

NEO 1936 P573 - chardonnay/ pale gold

NEO 1936 P705 - indigo

NEO 1936 P390 -  seagrass                                              

Do remember that there are many textured and plain papers which complement any feature wallpaper. Just ask us to send you a selection.

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

Flower Wallpaper

 NE 1939 P705 - indigo   £50.00         

This detailed design, in a wide range of colours, will sit happily in a number of settings… Limited Stock…

NE 1939 P901 - charcoal

         NE 1939 P153  - heather                                                                             

NE 1939 P015  - limestone

 NE 1939 P109  - sable  £50.00

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

Do remember we offer 3 free wallpaper samples for comparison

metallic seagrass classic feature wallpaper grape clock wallpaper

IC1965 P808 - grape - illustrated with  IC1969 P808 £57.00

Clock Wallpaper

alabaster clock design wallpaper

IC1965 P282 - alabaster

grape clock design wallpaper black and white clock design wallpaper

IC1965  P905 - onyx £57.00

IC1965 P808 - grape

An interesting clock face wallpaper design with hints of metallic - an unusual design for a study?

Make a note of the reference numbers of this clock wallpaper and send for samples here

                 V1943 P161 - cognac           

V1943 P629 - willow

 V1943 P574 - Eau de Nil

V1943 P655 - neutral

A more natural wallpaper design with an intricate finish - just look at the detail - more like a painting than a print! £52.00

V1943 P705 - indigo                                                 

V1943  P007 - ivory

 V1943 P109 - sable

WE ARE HERE TO HELP!  If you have something specific in mind or need some advice just provide us with the details and we will get back to you.

Wallpaper inspired by nature

 V1943 P912 - graphite £52.00

alabaster library wallpaper red accent library wallpaper purple and silver library wallpaper silver library wallpaper bronze accent library wallpaper

IC1962 P569 - yellow

IC1962 P125 - bronze

IC 1962 P282 - alabaster

IC 1962 P943 - titanium

IC 1962302 - ruby

IC 1962 P808 - grape

An unusual library / book inspired wallpaper - if you look carefully you can seen the reflective touches on this feature wallpaper which really brings it up to date! £57.00

yellow library wallpaper

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Make a note of the reference numbers of this clock wallpaper and send for samples here

Our latest selection of wallpapers can be found on our exciting new website barncroftwallpaper.co.uk