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Barncroft - a room transformed

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Feature below are a number of stylish feature wallpapers - most of which are surprisingly being discontinued later this year.  Most of our current selection have now been placed on our brand new website www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk.

mist tree wallpaper

This design has been discontinued. There are many tree wallpapers on this page of our new site www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk/wallpaper/forest-and-floral-wallpaper/

Eye-catching Feature Wallpapers

Wood / Forest / Tree Wallpaper

pale peach leaf featurecharcoal leaf wallcoveringdark taupe leaf feature wallpaperoff white leaf

BU177G50 - dark taupe with copper

BU177G54 pale peach

grey mist leaf feature wall image of leaf design off white neutral leaf feature wallpaper

A clever design with  metallic accents.  £29.95

BU177G55 -  hint of grey mist

BU177G52 -  off white

BU177G56 -  charcoal

BU177G51 -  hint pink

BU177G53 - light taupe with copper

BO177G81 - hint of copper

BO177G82 - hint of silver

BO177G80 - hint of white sheen

wall image pale neutral wallpaper brown wallpaper patterned wallpaper

Something a little different with instant appeal? This one is perfect if you want a feature wallpaper and would like to draw out the colours around your interior scheme. Just ask for a set of samples to complement the leading paper.

MAD30G04 - blue/brown/neutral

MAD30G01 - pale neutral

MAD30G05 - rich brown

MAD30G03 - grey neutral

grey neutral

MAD30G02 - dark neutral

neutral wallpaper

An interesting wallpaper with a small design. This design could create a subtle backdrop. Note the background sheen and contemporary colours.


BU177G71 - light taupe

BU177G72 - dark taupe

BU177G76 - light olive

BU177G75 - neutral + plains

BU177G74 - white

BU177G70 - charcoal

BU177G73 - hint of pink

Do note that there is a good range of plain textured papers which complement this design - perfect for the other walls. Just ask for a couple of plain samples with your free sample of wallpaper


Small Pattern Wallpaper

Make a note of the reference numbers of this small patterned  wallpaper and send for samples here

truffle beaded wallpaper ivory beaded wallpaper

V1949 P007  - ivory    RRP £91.00

(disscount available)

graphite beaded wallpaper silver beaded wallpaper

    VP 1949  912 - graphite                             

Look carefully at this beaded wallpaper pattern. It is very difficult to appreciate the quality of this paper on a computer screen - well worth a sample.

V1949  P655 - silver mist

 V1949 P499  - truffle

Make a note of the reference numbers of this beaded wallpaper and send for three samples here

Wall image of foil tree feature wallpaper

The silver foil version of this wallpaper design is really impressive. Priced at £63.00 a roll it will create a real eye catching feature wall!

V1944 P909 - silver /foil

black white and grey tree wallpaper ivory tree wallpaper pale sable feature wallpaper truffle tree wallpaper eau de nil tree wallpaper white and blue tree wallpaper

(limited stock) V1944  P905 - onyx    £52.00                                                            V1944 P912 - graphite

V1944  P499  - truffle                                                                             

In terms of 'tree designs' this pattern is particularly unusual and certainly worth a second look! It seems to creatively use the technique of Pointillism to produce some unusual effects. Clever!

V1944 P007 - ivory

V1944 P109 -  sable

 V 1944 P705 - indigo    £52.00

V1944 P574 - eau de nil

white black and grey tree  wallpaper

Make a note of the reference numbers of tree wallpapers and send for samples here

Tree Wallpaper

Beaded Wallpaper

VP 1942 P655 - mist  £52.00

Rural scene feature wallpaper

VP 1942 P705 - indigo blue - £52.00

 VP 1942 P006 -  ochre   £52.00                                     

The detail on this wallpaper is really impressive - a real talking point. Do send for a sample to appreciate the quality of the paper.

 VP 1942 P007 -  ivory

 VP 1942 P912 - graphite

VP 1942 P629 - willow

Please note this range is being discontinued in the near future.

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

           barncroft.wallpaper@gmail.com                     8 Ashleigh Park Teignmouth TQ14 8QY                        Call today 07971 763011

mustard and white flower wallpaper

Another eye-catching flower wallpaper with a watercolour motif. A pretty colour palette has been selected, set off by some stylish co-ordinating plains. £32.95

red and white flower wallpaper blue and white flower wallpaper

NA31G06 - mustard/grey/white

NA31G02 - blue/white - shown with co-ordinating plain     £32.95

pink and white flower wallpaper

NA31G04 - pink/white - shown with co-ordinating plain

NA31G05 - red/white - shown with co-ordinating plains


Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

Most of our current exciting selection of wallpapers have now been placed on our brand new website www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk.