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Barncroft - a room transformed

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plain metallic wallpaper

Metallic, Sheen and Shimmer Effect Wallpapers

If you are searchng for a specific metallic textured finish wallpaper just send us an email outlining your requirements. If requested we will send a selection of about three samples for comparison. Our only request is that they are returned, if possible, once you have finished. Some examples have been shown below:

Copper finish

Bronze finish

Taupe metallic finish

rich gold metallic wallpaper

Silver finish

Gold finish

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An impressive set of metallic textured wallpapers - perfect in a contemporary living area.


TP15G07 - rich brown metallic

TP15G05 - pale antique gold metallic

TP15G03 - white / hint of grey metallic

TP15G04 - silver metallic

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

metallic wallpaper

A metallic tiled wallpaper design with a realistic reflective finish. This wallpaper would fit perfectly into a number of settings


CC001BL41 - metallic mocha

CC001BL42 - beige

CC001BL43 - rich petrol

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

An eye-catching design with a natural stone tiled effect - perfect for that industrial look….


chalk tile wallpaper silver stone tile wallpaper slate blue tile wallpaper

UR1973P574 - silver stone

UR1973P022 - parchment stone

UR1973P109 - sable/bronze stone

UR1973P076 - chalk

UR1973P734 - slate blue stone

UR1973P939 - neutral stone


ivory metallic textured dotty paper Sable metallic textured paper

This abstract design is really effective as the combination of  dots on a reflective metallic backgrounds produce interesting optical illusions on the wall!

VP1946 007  RRP 55.00

VP1946 007 - ivory

VP1946 109 - sable

Indigo blue metallic textured wallpaper Linen neutral metallic textured wallpaper Silver metallic textured wallpaper

VP1946 705 - indigo

VP1946 924- platinum/silver

VP1946 031 - linen

V1948 P161 - cognac - foil finish

V1948 P943 - platinum - foil finish

If you want to create a real eye-catching contemporary foil feature wallpaper then look no further... Clever! RRP £87.00

(Discount available)

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

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There are many sheen/metallic wallpapers on the market so we have chosen those which we believe have real impact. Most have now been transferred to this page on our brand new website www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk.

Illustrated below are just a few to give you an idea of the styles now available.

Our main selection of sheen and metallic pages can be found on our brand new website www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk