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Barncroft - a room transformed

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All those on this page have real impact. All the wallpapers can be seen on our brand new website www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk

Make a note of the reference numbers of this textured wallpaper and send for samples here

If you are looking for a ‘grown up’ charcoal feature wall these two options are amongst our favourites. If you like the finish and styling there are more colours available on our geometric page.

charcoal metallic wallpaper charcoal metallic wallpaper

INF555K4 - charcoal  - £66.00

INF553K2 - £66.00

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

Make a note of the reference nos and send for samples here

A good example of a modern sheen/metallic effect stripe wallpaper.

metallic stripe wallpaper metallic stripe wallpaper

OR1636P109 - warm metallic / off white - £49.00

OR1636P924 - platinum silver / white £49.00

silver metallic striped wallpaper

Make a note of the reference numbers of this metallic wallpaper and send for samples here

copper and taupe contemporary wallpaper metallic leaf wallpaper textured grasscloth effect wallpaper

MAD31G02 - taupe / copper

An eye-catching design which could work really well in a number of settings.


And more colours in this grass cloth effect wallpaper can be seen here

teal wallpaper teal blue wallpaper

Definitely one of our favourites!  £44.95

MAD33G04 - blue / teal sheen

Make a note of the reference numbers of this  wallpaper and send for samples here

Two textured papers which could prove to be perfect for your scheme

charcoal textured wallpaper mini charcoal slate

SY6513G0309 - mini charcoal slate - £49.95

SY5115G7909 - platinum - £37.95

wall image of feature wallpaper contemporary gold neutral feature wallpaper

The raised detail adds to the quality of this contemporary striped wallpaper. More colours on our Feature Wallpaper page


neutral wallpaper neutral swirl

MO591G02 - neutral sheen - £34.95

A swirl design with a shimmer. £34.95

green metallic swirl

MO591G05 -  green / metallic -  £34.95

metallic wallpaper

MO591G06 - terracotta metallic - £34.95

This design could be the starting point for a sophisticated scheme. £34.95

MO591G13 - metallic

MO591G18 - rich copper

MO591G16 - metallic

Make a note of any three reference numbers and send for samples here

bronze effect metallic wallpaper gold effect metallic wallpaper

GO581G38 - bronze

GO581G34 - gold

antique gold metallic wallpaper

GO581G35 - antique gold

These are papers typical of those found on our Plain and Textured Wallpaper page.

 We update this selection regularly so please add to your favourites!

Go to our new site www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk to find all our current ranges.

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champagne sheen pearl sheen leaf

A metallic backdrop with a stencil leaf design. Impressive! £52.00

AS1654P021 - pearl sheen

AS1654P461 - burnished gold sheen £52.00

AS1654P009 - champagne

gold sheen

This eye-catching design is also available in reverse - with a sheen , reflective or metallic motif on a plain background. See this range here.