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Barncroft - a room transformed

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Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

Contemporary Plain and Textured Wallpapers

Most of our wallpapers have now been moved onto our exciting brand new site www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk.

We have left just a few to illustrate the quality of the designs.

A rustic design with an interesting finish.  Do look carefully at the colour variation. In our opinion it is very good value for money at £24.95

green and gold patina effect wallpaper white patina effect wallpaper silver patina effect wallpaper

TP10G11 - chalk mix - £24.95

TP10G10 - green mix with gold accent - £24.95

TP10G08 - silver mix - £24.95

AL594G42 - £32.95 An eye-catching bronze effect textured wallpaper

charcoal foil effect wallpaper

SY6513G0309 - £49.95 mini charcoal slate

Here we have illustrated a few of our favourite plain textured metallic/sheen papers. If you have a specific finish in mind just contact us and we will send you a small selection. There are many more on this page!

Make a note of any three reference numbers and send for samples here

bronze effect metallic wallpaper antique gold metallic wallpaper gold effect metallic wallpaper

GO581G35 - antique gold

GO581G38 - bronze

GO581G34 - gold

A contemporary selection of metallic wallpapers. These papers could add real style to your interior space.

£25.95 - £27.95

SY1116G2001 - a rich teal sheen - £34.95

bronze effect textured wallpaper plain metallic

SY2816G0207 - £49.95 -hint of warm metallic

MO591G14 - £34.95 - metallic

charcoal textured wallpaper rough textured charcoal wallpaper

Rustic styling in an eye-catching range of modern colours  - £29.95

LO593G11 - charcoal

bronze textured wallpaper

This range of eye-catching papers will suit many settings. In a wide range of fascinating colours with a stylish texture it is definitely worth sending for a set of three samples for comparison. Competitively priced at £32.95

AL594G42 - bronze

AL594G37 - grey/hint brown

grey textured wallpaper

AL594G29 - chalk

We believe this one has a striking finish. Available in a range of contemporary colours  it could be the starting point for a sophisticated scheme. £34.95

MO591G16 - metallic

AV558K1 - ivory sheen  £66.00

AV558K3 - dark silver

AV558K5 - silver

AV558K0 - gold highlights

AV558K2 - blue / hint of silver

AV558K4 - pewter

AV558K5 - pale silver

Love this one! This good quality linear feature wallpaper could add real style to your décor.  Do look carefully at this textured finish with a metallic/sheen backdrop. £66.00

Make a note of the reference numbers and send for samples here

This set of contemporary pastel papers has a hint of colour in each colour way

TP16G03 - grey / hint of sparkle               TP16G06 - white / hint of sparkle            TP16G07 - neutral / hint of sparkle

TP16G05 - pale green / hint of sparkle    TP16G08 - aqua / hint of sparkle             TP16G04 - pink / hint of sparkle


Make a note of the reference numbers of three textured wallpapers and send for samples here

TP11G05 - hint of mauve -  £21.95

TP11G04 - pale neutral -  £21.95

TP11G01 - chalk  TP11G02 - off white  TP11G03 - neutral -  £21.95

A very useful stylish selection of textured papers. These can be used as a feature wall or possibly as a good quality textured finish to complement another design.

AV544K2 - hint of taupe / sheen

AV544K5 - mid taupe / metallic

AV544K6 - taupe grey / metallic

AV544K3 - grey / silver

AV544K7- taupe bronze / metallic

We just love the finish on this range! In our opinion these are good quality sophisticated designs, perfect wallpapers for your contemporary living room.  


Also available in :

 AV544K4   - off white

AV544K1 cream

A neat design which will completely ‘lift’ an otherwise plain wall. Also in white - AV543K1   £66.00

AV543K2 - hint of grey

AV543K3 - silver

AV543K4  - charcoal

TP17G22 - aqua green

TP17G21 - coral            

TP17G24 - neutral

TP17G09 - fawn

TP17G03 - taupe           

TP17G23 - teal


Make a note of the reference numbers of three textured wallpapers and send for samples here


           barncroft.wallpaper@gmail.com                     8 Ashleigh Park Teignmouth TQ14 8QY                         Call today 07971 763011

A rough textured effect wallpaper available in 4 neutral colour ways  £29.95

FX674G86 - random

FX674G87 - dark neutral

FX674G89 - hint taupe

FX674G88 - mist

Follow the link to find many, many more impressive wallpapers on our brand new website www.barncroftwallpaper.co.uk